Feb 3 - Though not planned very nice showing for rift, once again we got to thrang and becided to pull the pin (no after giving him a try). Gratz to those that got gear. The kin numbers are increasing nicely lets see if we can keep it up.

Jan 29 - First run through Rift for many people wasn't too bad. Making it to Thrang was nice. Grats to those that got armour gems. This is a wonderful start to a regular event.

Jan 21 - With recent holidays, things have been kinda slow. Many of you have been on leave.
We've had a few leadership changes since Tan chose to play Silkroads more. Blondiee has gone for RL issues.

The kin is starting to get more active once more and is in the process of doing regular rift runs. Lets see if we can finally beat the zone.