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Insomniax in a nutshell:

Oceanic yet international, (currently about 1/2 Oceanic 1/2 International). Weekly interkinship raids, (with CD URU BG Ettenmoors daily), majority of players 45-50, medium sized kin (Currently 50+ Lev 45+'s). Instance junkies, pvp nuts. Self confessed mmo addicts. Mature, but young at heart... why else would we be playing games all day long?

Who we're looking for?

Quality people who want to share the lotro experience with us. You will probably have at least one 40+ char and like our name says you probably spend a lot of time in game, either pvp'ing or raiding or running instances... If you like to talk a lot then you're welcome too, kin chat is active and our vent server is available 24/7.
Don't be intimidated if you're not level 50 yet, the level curve is not high and 40-50 doesn't take long at all.

Age range:

We like to think we're 'mature' but since that word gets thrown around so much here's some examples of what 'mature' actually means:
We respect that people have real life commitments, be they family, work, studies etc.
We respect that one of our most valuable commodities is time so we try not to mess people around in game or assume the virtual world will stop spinning just for us
We respect the time investment that goes into mmo gaming so listen to each other's concerns and challenges.
We have real life pressures and commitments so little time for petty squabbles and whining. We play for fun not drama.
We all have bad days and we've been around long enough, not to take offense unnecessarily.
We take charge for our lives and our gaming experience so don't expect everyone else to solve our problems or cater to us.
We can give/take criticism and praise without being abusive or going on ego trip.
We respect leadership and know how to challenge decisions and policies without flaming.
So what age range generally exhibits the above qualities, we'd hope 18+, but unfortunately age and maturity don't always increase proportionately, hehe. Current members are in their 20's to 40's with a lot being married with kids.


20+ ppl lvl 50 ; 11 ppl 40-49 and 30+ below (mostly alts). All classes represented 40+ but definitely room for growth hence this recruitment post. We're not big and thats on purpose, one day insomniax may be more than 100 members but we intend to grow naturally over time not just recruit one and all. Feeling bonded to the community is important to us and thats means for example, not looking at kinship chat and not recognizing anyone's names.

Leadership style:

We're not into bearaucracy, gaming and fun is our focus... we have experienced mature officers that aren't afraid to make tough decisions but more importantly we believe the kin is owned by all and anyone can step up to the plate and contribute.
No councils, tribunals, courts, kings, queens, lords, peasants, minions, presidents etc etc... you are either in or out...
Yes like all kins we have a leader but our strength is that our leader and officers are here to facilitate community and fun not dictate your gaming experience.
I know many of us have been let down by kinships where officers are MIA (missing in action) or close minded and controlling... while we're only human, our desire at insomniax is to break away from that way of doing things.

How to apply or get further info you ask?:

Read the Forums.