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Kinship Philosophy

Insomniax is a loose collection of like-minded and mature individuals who play this game to have fun. We are generally pretty self sufficient and just mainly get together for end game content such as Helegrod raids, Ettenmoor raids, Carn Dum, Balad Gularan, Urugarth, and farming crit items like skybreaker and hoartusk etc, however all gameplay aspects are encouraged as long as the rules of the guild are upheld.

We have no level requirement and we have no initiations, trials, payments, tithes or taxes. We do however run an application based recruiting system, to ensure we are recruiting mature, friendly, like minded people.

We don't mind helping out lower level people though tuff quests etc, but its preferable that you be mostly self sufficient.

Let it be known that we hate rules, but as the size of the kinship grows we need a consistent charter to make sure that all kinfellows know what we believe in, and to make their own judgments as to whether they'd fit into this type of kinship.

Fun is at the forefront of what we do. We'll do new quests, low-xp quests, low loot quests, heck we'll do anything as long as it's fun. We love playing this game and most of us have a long MMO history, but we should always keep in mind that this IS just a game.

Respecting other Kinfolk is paramount Griefing, abuse, Swearing AT people whether they be in our kin, in your fellow or anywhere else in the game, racist or sexist comments, and other anti-social and generally moron-type behavior will not be tolerated. All the officers would rather have a small Kinship of great players than a large Kinship with some aforementioned morons.

We have a ventrilo server. This is a voice communication system used to enhance the gaming experience. Its also a great way to get to know your kin as well. While ventrilo is not compulsory, it is highly recommended especially for higher level instances and raids. Even if you don't have a microphone, just being able to listen to instruction could save a 4 hour trek into a instance from ending in a wipe. It makes that much difference some players even wont fellowship into instances with people unable to hear voice instructions, there simply isn't enough time to type some times. The ventrilo information is stickied inside the website, grab it after your application has been approved.

Kinship Rules

You must register on this forum and submit an application here. This portal is our main kinship communications tool since Turbine doesn't provide any. Rosters, advice, trades, raids and all that will be posted here. Check back to the forums regularly, your application will be promptly processed. Once your application is accepted, you will be able to /tell a recruiting officer for a invite.

The kin is primarily a mature player base, so primarily the kin is 18+ only, some exceptions allowed.

Characters not played for 6 weeks will be removed from the kin list in game, in a effort to keep the kin list clean. If you're going on a long holiday or something similar send one of the officers a /tell, So we don't accidentally remove you.

Code of Conduct

Generally, most people know when they're being an moron. It's mainly common sense - do unto others and all that. To clarify confusion on a few grey areas....

Do not abuse another players in our kin, another kin, your fellowship or anywhere else in the game.

Do not have an argument in kinship chat or flame people in the forums or generally be negative. If you need to have a dispute with someone in the kinship, or lodge a complaint, do it in private tells, or pm them in the forum, or if you cant resolve the issue yourself pm a officer in the forums.

Fellowship etiquette:
Kicking party members (including non-kin-fellows) without warning, or kicking people from a group for balance reasons is a shitty thing to do, and a big no-no for the kinship. You should be able to manage the team BEFORE inviting people by asking the group what is required, and if you make a mistake, deal with it and play on.

Racist and sexist comments:
We believe everyone in the kin has a right to have fun and play in peace. This includes gays, Chinese, females or whoever. Terms like Chinese farmer, or the common phrase "thats gay" when referring to something bad are both examples of racist/sexist comments. Most of the time people don't even realize what they say, or that its racist/offensive. But you need to be mindful of the people around you and think before you speak sometimes.

While mild language is acceptable, Don't go overboard and especially Don't swear AT someone, and don't try and bypass the language filter by spacing out words etc. If people switch their language filter on its because they don't want to see it. You bypassing their filters is a big no-no.

Trading and sharing:
The odd trade between kin is ok. Like a jeweler trading their ore they don't need with a metalsmith who has ore they don't need as well. But the ideals of the kinship, is to be a caring and sharing society. Most people just give stuff away that they don't need. So while people are giving away stuff, please be respectful of their generosity. Make sure you say please, and thank-you, and only ask for items you can use, and use now, and use on your main character. If no mains need the item, and your alt does, then ask for the item and inform them its for your alt. In give-aways, mains come before alts. Another thing is, keep things fair, if you get items for free, make sure your giving away as much as your receiving as soon as you have something to give. If you are crafting items for people, or obtaining items from crafters. Pay for their costs to make the items, no more, no less, preferably you can do this by supplying the parts the crafter needs to make the item. Due to limited bank space most crafters don't carry all materials. Our GM crafters are pretty heavily booked, So if you need a low level item made. Try to get it from a non gm crafter first.

Above the law:
The above applies to every member and officer of the Kinship. Its not one rule for some, and one rule for others. And this basic etiquette will be enforced, by all officers.

Leaving the kinship:
If by chance you find that the kinship isn't what you wanted, or expected. Please leave the kinship before applying to another kin. This prevents you from accepting all the free goodies always offered in kin chat, before leaving. To say goodbye, send a tell to the people you want to inform of your leaving. And leave quietly without a scene, this causes less disruption in the forums and in game for people who are happily having fun, playing the game they love, with people they love even more.

Not fitting in:

Officers in the kinship have the full trust of the kinship, which is why they are officers. If your not fitting in, they (after having a quick chat amongst other officers online) will either give you a warning, or remove you from the kin. At there descression.


Any officer has the ability and permission to recruit people they know are good. Without a application. If however the person isn't well known to a officer, a application must be submitted, so the officers can find out more about the person. If the application is nice, straight forward and completed, officers can approve a application imediately, similarly if the applicant is to stupid or lazy to complete the appliaction properly, officers can auto decline it. Any application not fitting into the auto approve or auto decline categories will be voted on.

Signed, Insomniax Kin......

Thank you for reading our charter. If you are still interested in joining us, please complete the application telling us a little about yourself. Then we can get on with approving it quickly and getting you into the kinship. Please make sure you complete the application fully, or it wont be accepted.

Fizen - Kin Leader